Salads as an Entree

Make salads the star of the show and see
what happens. Your guests will love you for it

Chicken Curry and Grape Salad
roasted chicken fresh from the oven
paired with red grapes, apricot dice, thin sliced red onion,
raisins, pine nuts and scallions
combined with a light curry honey dressing

Crab Cake Salad
A luscious patty of fresh Crab and spices
Lightly sautéed
Placed over
Baby Greens, slivered baby red Peppers and Mushroom
Topped with toasted Almonds
And a light herbed sauce

Crispy Beef Salad with crunchy Rice Noodles
Thin Sliced Beef Tenderloin, lightly fried dressed with
Thai Chile dressing atop crunchy Rice Noodles

Curried Chicken Salad
freshly boiled Chicken off the bone
combined with diced Apricots, slivered Celery,
toasted Almonds and Scallions
with touches of Curry and a hint of mayo

Portobello, Asparagus, and Tomato Salad
Roasted Portobello’s and Asparagus with grilled Grape Tomatoes
Layered upon baby lettuces drizzled with Olive Oil,
Lemons, Herbs and Spices

Salmon Caesar Salad
Marinated and grilled Salmon sides topped with Romano Pecorino
Cheeses and Black and White Croutons

Salmon Salad
Marinated and grilled Salmon sides served in chunks
Surrounded by Baby Greens of the Field, Steamed Asparagus,
Artichokes, Blue Cheese Crumbles, Savory Mushrooms and
Grape Tomatoes Drizzled with a Honey Lime Vinaigrette

Scallop Caribbean Grill Salad
Spicy rubbed Scallops, seared and browned topping baby greens
Accompanied by Pineapple, Avocado, Mango Chutney and Lime

Shrimp and Orzo Salad with fresh Dill and Feta
Orzo, light and fluffy, combines with scallions, feta, dill, lemons
and grape tomato Mingled with fresh Shrimp bathed in an Olive Oil herb Vinaigrette

Tuna Salad
Fresh white Tuna combined with Red Onion dice,
Scallions and Celery Served with Pumpernickel Rounds

Whitefish Salad
Chunks of fresh Whitefish peppered with slivered Carrots,
Capers and Olives

Whitefish stuffed with Whitefish Salad
Chunks of fresh Whitefish peppered with slivered Carrots, Capers
and Olives stuffed into a whole boned White fish

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