Realtor’s Drop-In

Cheese, assorted Crackers, Breadsticks and
Grape display to include:
Wine striped
Chocolate Hazelnut
Mirabo with Walnuts
French Muenster
Wenbleydale with Cranberries
Stilton Blue with Fig Preserves

Huntsmen Summer Sausage

Marinated Mozzarella Balls
with basil, jalapeno pepper cheese cubes,
grape Leaves, and marinated greek olives
with roasted peppers and sun dried tomatoes

Proscuitto stuffed Corn muffins with Chutney spread

Sweet Potato Chips

Tempura Snap Peas with asian dipping sauce

Marcona Almonds

Pecans, salted and spiced with Cinnamon and Cayenne

Fruit basket with Bananas,
Plums, Peaches, Plutos, Granny
Smith and Brae burn apples

Lemon Cookies, Chocolate Decadence
Cookies and Pecan Tassies