Graduation Tapas Buffet

Ahi Tuna Ceviche Nibbles
Ahi Tuna cubes
marinated in Sesame and Ginger oils
Served on a sweet Cucumber

Salmon Burger Minis with Ginger Aioli sauce
Fresh Salmon is marinated in honey soy
And spiced with Onion and mint
Pan seared and topped with
Aioli dipping sauce

Egg Rolls Southwestern Style
Crunchy Wontons filled with Corn and Black Beans
Spinach and Jalapenos Stuffed with Jalapeno Cheese
and spices Accompanying Avocado and herbed Dipping Sauce

Quesadillas Italian Style
Soft shell Tortillas layered with roasted red Peppers,
caramelized Onions, Fontina cheese and Italian parsley
lightly browned and topped with Parmesan Reggiano

Sweet Potato Wonton Cups
Mini Wonton shells baked into fanciful cuplettes
filled with a creamy Diced Sweet Potato and Chives custard

Mushroom Toasted Bites
Light strips of toasted, buttery Mushrooms
combined with Parmesan and French onion crumbles
baked on a light rye triangle

Smoked Gouda, Basil and Artichoke mini Pizzettes
Mini Boboli crusts topped with a zesty blend
Of cheese, herbs and vegetables
Lightly toasted and served warm