Annette has creatively reinvented this classic. But
traditional “lukshen kugel” is still one of her best-sellers!

Butter Pecan Kugel Buns
Individual Kugels prepared in Muffin Cups with a Pecan Praline topping

Mushroom Noodle Bake
Sautéed wild Mushrooms and Onions sprinkled with fresh Thyme
Surrounding fresh noodles combined with cream and Swiss and
baked to golden brown

Spinach and Cheese Noodle Kugel
Old fashioned Noodles combined with Spinach and Gruyere Cheese
Baked with a buttery crunchy crumb topping

Spinach and Feta Noodle Kugel
Spinach, Onion, Shallots, Dill, Nutmeg and Parmesan

Sweet Noodle Kugel
Baked with a crunchy crumb topping studded with Golden Raisins


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