Tapas Buffet

Chicken Salad Croissants
Mini golden brown croissants filled
to the brim with curried chicken
Salad, diced Apricots and toasted Almonds

Salmon with French Onion Ring Crumbles
Fresh salmon bites wrapped in french onion
ring crumbles baked to golden brown and
served with a side of lime ginger glaze

Cheese Pastry Tartlets with Spicy Shrimp
Cheddar tartlet crusts filled with a savory
blend of cheese, a cocktail onion, and dill
topped with spicy shrimp

Corn Muffin Minis
Filled with ham and a smear of quince preserves

Olive and Three Cheese Marinade
A zesty blend of lemon herbed olive oils
bathing a combination of fresh mozzarella,
muenster and swiss surrounding chunks of
salami and kalamata olives served with wooden spears

Apple and Havarti Cheese Strudel
Filo dough layered with apples, havarti
cheese and caraway seeds
baked to golden in its own pastry cup

Curly Bacon Almond Stuffed Dates
Fresh Dates stuffed with whole almonds and
wrapped with bacon slices baked to crispy

Craisin Currant Cheese Ball w/ Toasted Pecans
A zesty combination of currants, craisins,
apricots, cheddar, blue and cream cheeses garnished
with chives and garlic and rolled into a delightful
medley surrounded by toasted Pecans