House Boat Buffet on the River

Skewered Sesame Almond Chicken Satays
baked in a crunchy crumb topping with
slivered Almonds, Sesame seeds and Chives
served with a side of Jezebel sauce

Black Bean Salsa Salmon Tarts
Crunchy fried Wonton Tarts
Filled with marinated and grilled Salmon
Sitting atop a spicy Black Bean and Corn Salsa

Three Cheese Popovers
Feta, Ricotta and Parmesan
Tucked into golden brown Filo triangles

Hovan Mini Appetillas
Wrapped Spinach, Tomato and Whole Wheat Tortillas filled with Roasted vegetables, smoky Provolone, Spinach and Scallions, Sealed with herbed cheese, rolled and sliced Served with creamy Parmesan Dip

Goat Cheese and Sun dried Tomato Flatbread
A crumble of Goat cheese, a dab of Pesto,
a sprinkle of Sun dried tomato and a splash of fresh Basil gingerly topping a crunchy Flatbread

Olive and three Cheese Marinade
A zesty blend of lemon herbed Olive Oils
Bathing a combination of
fresh Mozzarella, Muenster and Swiss
Surrounding chunks of spicy chicken Sausage and Kalamata Olives Served with wooden spears

Tex Mex Bread Bowl
a combination of Black eyed Peas, Scallions, Red pepper dice, Pimentos and Jalapenos
Blended with a Cumin Vinaigrette
Served with Scoopable Fritos