Grazing Stations Cocktail Supper

Station One
Citrus Shrimp
Basmati Rice with fresh herbs and Pine nuts
Asparagus roasted with Pecorino

Station Two
Truffle Mac n Cheese
Caesar Salad with house made Croutons
French bread with Basil butter spread

Station Three
Pecan Chicken Nibbles with Maple glaze
Thyme and Leek Gratin
Roasted 4 color organic Carrots

Station Four
Corned beef Reubens with Sauerkraut Swiss and Dijon
Sweet potato Salad
Jalapeno Cole Slaw

Station Five
Korean style Meatballs served on Bamboo skewers
Spicy Korean Noodles with Scallions Spinach and Carrots
Fresh Green beans with Sesame oil and Sesame seeds toasted