Dinner at a French Cafe

Hors d’oeuvres

Vin d’Orange
Traditional white wine heated with sugar and cloved oranges
aged for a month, strained and served over ice

Mini Quiche Florentine
Filled with classic spinach, swiss, nutmeg and cream

Goat Cheese Fondue on Country Bread Crostini
A savory combination of swiss and goat
cheeses blended with grappa and dijon topping
a garlic toasted crostini broiled to perfection
topped with fresh thyme from the garden

Tuna Pan Bagnat
Fresh, grilled tuna combined with a french
vinaigrette of capers, lemon, anchovies and
grape tomatoes grilled between long,
thin baguette warmed and sliced
in thin wedges served bite size

Dinner Buffet

Croque Monsieur’s
Best quality farmer’s bread layered
with Ham and emmentaler spread with a
dijon béchamel sauce toasted and served
warm accompanying cornichons and pickled onions

Sliced and served with Red Wine Sauce

Boeuf Bourguignon
Tender pieces of tenderloin combined with
the original blend of wine and mushrooms
simmered until tender

Portobello Poulet
Roasted chicken pieces pulled from the bone
combined with portobello mushrooms,
scallions, cream and sherry
Topping a golden brown Puff Pastry Shell

Coq au Vin
Browned bacon bits prepared with small
pieces of fresh chicken paired with
onion, shallots and mushroom sauté
flamed with cognac and simmered
until tender to the fork

Salmon Provencal
Marinated and grilled salmon sides prepared
with a fresh sauce of tomatoes, chives, tarragon and basil
served on a bed of freshly sautéed leeks and garlic

Wild Mushroom Fondue
Served ala chafing dish with baguette sticks

Lightly baked Crepes
Filled with a light spinach and nutmeg combination
served with a béarnaise drizzle

Classic French Potato Salad
Prepared with fresh tarragon, mustard seeds and chives

Potato Gratin

Onion Tart
Classic french pastry holding a bed of caramelized
onions and thyme baked to a golden brown
and served in individual slices

Baked Brie
With made-from-scratch pear chutney

Grilled Asparagus Gribiche
Fresh, large ssparagus stalks, grilled and seasoned
drizzled with a classic vinaigrette of hard egg,
dijon, capers and white wine vinegar

Salade Frissee Aux Lardons
Warm frissee, bacon, blue cheese crumbles and croutons
splashed with a light and sweet vinaigrette

Salade Nicoise
A traditional favorite of lettuces, tuna, potatoes,
haricot vertes, olives, eggs, tomato slices and
herbed vinaigrette


Chocolate Crème Brule Tartlets
Topped with cream and chocolate shavings