Corporate Holiday Party at the Bank

Buffet Table 1

Ham and Herbed Cheese Buns
Freshly sliced ham stuffed into mini eggtwist knots
served with a dollop of fresh herb spread

BBQ Meatballs
Sweet and savory, served with toothpick swords

Turkey Minis
Freshly sliced turkey in the middle of cocktail
ryes and pumpernickels topped with smoked
swiss and honey mustard

Buffet Table 2

Cheddar Chutney Spread
A combination of cheddar and cream cheeses
blended with curry and scallions topped with sweet
mango chutney and smokehouse almonds
served with ginger snaps

Cheese Pecan Balls
Three cheese layers surrounded
by toasted pecans dotted with fresh parsley
and served with classic crackers

Goat Cheese and sautéed Shallot Spread
Soft and light goat cheese blended with
sautéed shallots and leeks, combined with cream and
chilled served with bread sticks, triscuits and wheat thins

Buffet Table 3

Mini Chicken Salad Tartlets
Fresh chicken salad scooped into filo tartlet shells
topped with grapes and pecans

Spinach Domes
Herbed crunchy croutons, parmesan and fresh spinach
mounded and baked until golden accompanied by
sweet mustard dipping sauce

Tortellini Skewers
Tomato, spinach and cheese tortellini
skewered and spiced served with pesto dipping sauce and
alfredo cream sauce

Buffet Table 4

Seven Layer Mexican Extravaganza
Layers of refried beans, black olives,
scallions, chopped tomatoes, chilies, guacamole
and cheddar cheese topped with spicy salsa
and served with tortilla chips

Spinach Dip and Crunchies
A savory blend of spinach and crunchy vegetables
served with a spill of baby carrots,
cucumber wedges, celery and bread sticks

Buffet Table 5

Chinese Wontons with Plum Sauce

Herbed Oyster Crackers

Sugared Spiced Nuts

Parmesan Crouton Wafers

Buffet Table 6

Sand Tarts

Pecan Tassies

Crème de Menthe Brownies

Tour favorite pick me up pastries