Asian Buffet

Chinese Shrimp Toasts
Shrimp, fresh ginger, water chestnuts and garlic
blended and arranged atop toasted croutons

Ahi Tuna Pitas
Black and white sesame seared ahi tuna,
cubed and stuffed into mini pitas served with avocado,
scallions and asian spices

Asian Bean and Rice Rolls
Short grain rice studded with lemon,
almonds, sesame oil, ginger root and
beans wrapped around boston lettuce leaves
sprinkled with a thai ginger sauce

Crab Tahini Rangoon
A flavorful blend of chicken, sesame paste,
and lump crabmeat stuffed into a
wonton square deep fried and served
crunchy with apricot dipping sauce

Sesame Crusted Chicken Sandwiches
A unique blend of fresh chicken, cilantro, chives and thyme
prepared in precision cut individual sandwiches
each formed with an edge of toasted sesame seeds

Thai Basil Rolls
Prepared with shrimp and salmon, wrapped in cellophane wrappers
accompanying an asian vegetable array

Chocolate dipped Fortune Cookies