A Family Shabbat

Hors d’oeuvres

Caviar Sour Cream Puff Pastry Blossoms
Puff pastry “flowers” holding a center of
sour Cream and black or g olden caviar

Tomato Crostini
A light and flavorful crispy crostini topped
with a perfect combination of tomatoes,
basil, green olives, capers,
garlic and balsamic vinegar

Salsa with Pineapple, Kiwi and Cilantro
A refreshing combination of tropical fruits
combined with peppers and rice wine vinegar
accompanies veggies or chips

Wontons with Butternut Squash and Herbed Tomato Dipping Sauce
Wonton wrappers stuffed with a flavorful combination
of smashed butternut squash, ricotta cheese and parmesan
flash fried to golden brown and served
alongside a tomato herbed dipping sauce


Fresh baked braided Challah
Mahi-Mahi macadamia fillets with dried fruit
salsa panko bread crumbs and macadamia
nuts surround the fish producing a crunchy burst of moist
flavor topped with a dried fruit salsa containing
chili sauce, horseradish and mint

Orzo with Roasted Vegetables and Lemon Vinaigrette
Perfect Orzo tossed with roasted vegetables
in season mingled with scallions, pignolis,
feta and fresh basil leaves tossed with
a lemon vinaigrette

Potato Gratin Gorgonzola
A fabulous accompaniment to any entree
layers of potatoes combined with fresh thyme,
gorgonzola cheese, black pepper and parmigiano-reggiano
cheese baked to golden and bubbly

Butternut Squash Herbes de Provence Sauté
Cubes of fresh butternut squash lightly sautéed and seasoned
with fresh herbes de provence

Slaw Thai with Peanuts, Cilantro and Mint
A colorful display of slivered napa and purple
cabbages slivered red peppers, and carrot slivers
blended with mint, peanuts, cilantro and a light
dash of sesame seeds


Chocolate Molten Ramekins
Sumptuous melted Chocolate protected by a thin sheet of fine sugar
Baked and served warm with berries and cream