Annette transforms the humble potato with an
incredible variety of tastes and textures.
From crispy to creamy, they’re simply delicious.

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Augratin Potato Soufflé
Au Gratin Thyme infused Potatoes
Chanterelle Mushroom and Sweet Potato Gratin
Creamy Potato Puff
Crunchy topped Potato Soufflé with Lemon, Basil and Swiss
Crushed Potatoes
Fresh Sweet Potatoes with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar
Fresh Sweet Potatoes with Curry
Fresh Sweet Potatoes, Glazed
Fried Cilantro Fries with Red Dipping Sauce
Garlic Roasted Potatoes
Hornsky Potatoes
Hush Puppies
Mandoline sliced Russet potatoes
Mashed Potato and Goat Cheese Gratin
Mashed Potatoes Classic w/French Onions
Mashed Potatoes Perfecto with Cream Cheese
Parmesan Oven Fries
Portobello-Layered Mashed Potatoes
Potato and Sweet Red Pepper Gratin
Potato Cakes
Potato Gratin Gorgonzola
Potato Gratin with Boursin Cheese
Potato Kugel
Potato Pancakes
Potatoes, roasted Corn and tomato Sauté
Potato Soufflé with Lemon
Potatoes with layered Leeks
Praline Yam Casserole
Rosemary Baby Yukon Gold Potatoes
Scalloped Potatoes with Spinach and Nutmeg
Skillet Crusted Rosemary Potatoes
Skinny Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Spinach Stuffed Potato Boats
Stuffed Baked Potatoes with Caremelized Onions
Stuffing Casserole
Sweet Potato Balls
Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet Potato Latkes
Sweet Potatoes Anna
Sweet Potato Fries roasted with Figs and Goat Cheese
Sweet Potato Spinach Curry
Tater Tot Casserole with or without Bacon/Sausage/Ground Beef
Twice Baked Potatoes
Twice Cooked Potato Wedges
Two Tone Potato Salad with Sweet and White Potatoes
Yukon Gold Potatoes with Roasted Wild Mushrooms