Who can say no to an entrée of
perfectly grilled, succulent beef tenderloin?
And that’s just the beginning . . .  

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Beef and Lamb Meatballs
Beef Kabobs with Red Onion and Peppers
Beef Stew Classic
Beef Stroganoff
Beef Tenderloin in Soy Garlic Marinade
Beef Tenderloin with Black Cherry Sauce
Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom Spinach Stuffing
Beef Tenderloin with Wild Mushroom Sauce
Braised Short Ribs
Braised Sirloin Tips
Brisket Israeli style
Brisket Moroccan style
Brisket with Carrots and Onions
Brisket with Chili Beer Sauce
Brisket with Chili Plum Sauce
Brisket in Chili Sweet Cranberry Sauce
Brisket with Natural Gravy
Brisket Sweet and Sour
Cabbage Rolls Classic
Chicken Livers and Onions
Curried Lamb and Spinach Burgers
Dijon Style Steak with Peppercorns
Flank Steak with Caliente Catsup
Fruited Basket
Grandma’s Fruited Brisket
Impossible Taco Pie
Lamb Burgers
Lamb Crown Roast
Lamb Kebabs
Lamb Moussaka in Filo
Lamb Roll with Chili Plum Sauce
Lamb Stew with Guinness Stout
Lamb Shanks
Leg of Lamb
Mahogany Short Ribs
Meat and Onion Blintzes
Meat Loaf – Award Winning Recipe
Melt in your Mouth Short Ribs of Beef
Mustard Lamb Roll
Osso Bucco
Ox Tails
Pan-Sautéed Steaks with Garlic Mustard Sauce
Po Boy Sandwiches
Pork Tenderloin with Lemon, Rosemary and Thyme
Pork Tenderloin Cranberry Melange
Pork Tenderloin Mole
Pork Tenderloin with Apricot Raisin Cherry Sauce
Pork Tenderloin with roasted Cherries and Shallots
Pork Tenderloin with Dijon Crust
Pork Tenderloin with Mango Chutney
Pork Tenderloin w/ Mushroom Stuffing and Pan-seared
Apples and Onions
Pork Tenderloin with spicy dry rub
Romanian Skirt Steak
Rosemary Dijon crusted Rack of Lamb
Salisbury Steak Light
Short ribs Korean style
Southwestern Cornbread Crepes
Spinach and Mushroom Stuffed Porterhouse Steak
Standing Rib Roast
Standing Rib Roast with Dijon Crust
Steak Supper in a Foil with Vegetables
Steak with Roquefort Green Onion
Stuffed Peppers
Sweet and Sour Brisket
Sweet and Sour Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Tacos in Pasta Shells
Teriyaki Marinated Tenderloin
Turkey Hovans
Turkey Roasted
Turkey Tenderloin stuffed with Wild Mushrooms/Cranberry Coulis
Veal Cutlets
Veal Chops with Arugula and Polenta
Veal Marsala
Veal Osso Bucco
Veal Picatta
Veal Ragout with Red Peppers
Veal Scaloppini
Veal Scaloppini with Lemons and Capers
Wild Mushroom and Veal Meatloaf