Eggs and Cheese


Omelets made to order, prepared
with your favorite sides

Amaretto Bread Pudding
A luscious blend of creamy Eggs, Almonds and Raisins
Baked to golden with a drizzle of Amaretto Sauce

Bacon, Onion and Pepper Jack Souffle
Crunchy bacon crumbles combined with Peppers and Onions
surrounding French bread Croutons
Sprinkled with Monterey and Pepper Jack Cheeses

Bananas Foster Bread Pudding
A creamy custard of vanilla and rum
surrounding cubes of freshly baked challah
studded with banana coins and rum
baked to golden brown and drizzled with brown sugar glaze

Blintz Bake
Dry cheese, eggs and flavorings, layered between a light
Blintz batter Drizzled with Butter and baked to golden and
served with a side of Cherries and Sour Cream

Blintzes with Sour Cream and Fruit Sauce
Sweet Blintzes, lightly fried to golden brown
served with sides of sour Cream and fresh Blueberry Sauce

Blueberry French toast
Topped with a toasted Pecan Blueberry Glaze,
drizzled with Maple Blueberry Syrup

Caramel French toast
Layers of fresh Challah soaked in Egg and Milk
Baked into a Brown Sugar Caramel Glaze

Cheddar Cheese Souffle
Cubes of fresh Challah bread, soaked in Milk and Egg
Topped with Sharp Cheddar Cheese and baked to
bubbling brown

Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding
Challah bread soaked in Egg and Milk Combined with Chocolate
Chips and baked with a Brown Sugar Cinnamon Glaze

Corned Beef Reuben Casserole
Corned Beef, Sauerkraut and Swiss coupled with 1000 Island
prepared with cubes of Rye and Pumpernickel served warm
and bubbly for breakfast or brunch

Crepes Banana Cream
Light and slightly browned crepes filled with brown sugar
and nutmeg butter glaze with sliced thick bananas
topped with a slight dollop of cinimon cream

Crepes Blueberry with Lemon Zest and Cheese
A light and fluffy cheese filling nestled inside a lightly toasted crepe
with fresh Blueberry glaze and thinly sliced Lemon zest

Crepes with Cinnamon Pears
Lightly browned Crepes Filled with a sweet blend of Pears,
Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Served with a sprinkle of
powdered sugar, served warm

Croissant and nutty Swiss Casserole
Mini Croissants surrounded by lightly whipped Eggs and Cream
Studded with Bacon crumbles, Gruyere Cheese and Nutmeg sprinkles

Deviled Eggs for Breakfast
Classic filling combined with
Ham, Bacon, Pickle relish and crunchy Potato sticks

Egg souffle Florentine
Eggs, Swiss, Cheddar, creamy savory custard,
Leeks, Scallions, wild Mushrooms and Spinach
come together in a breadless egg bake
with a hint of Cayenne

French Toast Cinnamon Buns
A French Toast Casserole topped with
Pecan Cinnamon Nutmeg Streusel

Garlic Cheese Grits
Prepared Southern style
Creamy Grits blended with Sharp Cheddar cheese, baked to golden

Grits with Shrimp and Pimento
Creamy classic grits combined with house made Pimento cheese,
topped with a saute of Corn, Shrimp and Scallions

Jalapeno Cheese Grits
The classic grits combined with Cheddar, Garlic, Poblano
peppers, Goat cheese and Cilantro

Mediterranean Spinach and Asiago Strata
Onions, Mushrooms, Spinach and fresh Tomatoes Layered
with Feta crumbles Baked to golden brown with rows of
French bread Croutons

Omelets Made to Order
Select from Salami, Cheddar Cheese, Swiss cheese, Mushrooms,
Salsa Tri-colored Peppers, Scallions, and Red Onion Dice

Pancake Bar
Housemade Buttermilk Pancakes
dropped on the griddle while you wait
with your favorite toppings
Whipped Cream, Sprinkles, fruit Syrup, Chips and Jam

Potato, Cheddar and Scallion Bake
Studded with Bacon and Sausage
baked to creamy and topped with Cheddar Rings

Roasted Peppers, Eggplant and Spinach Tart
Prepared with a hint of nutmeg, baked golden brown and
sliced at your table

Sausage Cheese Casserole
Layered sautéed sausage, sharp cheddar cheese and crunchy
bread cubes Blended with a creamy and spicy egg and milk
mixture with a hint of nutmeg Baked golden and served piping hot

Sausage, Onion and Pepper Jack Souffle
Highly seasoned Sausage, combined with Peppers and Onions
Surrounding French bread Croutons Sprinkled with Monterey
and Pepper Jack Cheeses

Plain and buttery or studded with dried Cranberries,
Cherries or Raisins

Shrimp and Cheese Grits
Fresh sautéed Shrimp and Garlic prepared Southern style
Paired with Creamy Grits and Sharp Cheddar cheese,
baked to golden

Shrimp Louis toasted Muffin Bites
Fresh shrimp with the classic

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