Casseroles are warm, satisfying. . .
and surprisingly sophisticated

Chicken Pot Pie
Just like you remember A flaky, golden crust covering a combination
of chicken, carrots, peas, onions and mushrooms served,
bubbling, steaming hot

Lasagna Mexicana
Layers of fresh chicken or beef, peppered with
chili powder and cumin prepared with tomatoes, black beans and
corn and topped with jack cheese

Macaroni and Three Cheeses
A sophisticated version of the classic sharp cheddar, asiago and
creamy Velveeta resulting in a savory and light casserole

Polenta Mexican Casserole
layers of ground turkey or beef or just black and pinto beans
flavored with chili powder, cumin, tomatoes and cheese
layered with polenta slices
garnished with tomato dice and cilantro snips

Rigatoni Bake with Eggplant and Garlic Cheese
Sauteed eggplant, garlic and onion combine
with eggplant cubes tossed with a light pesto and ricotta

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