Indoor Picnic any Season


hors d’oeuvres

mini hot dogs in puff pastry
golden brown crust
beefy mini hot dogs
ball park mustard

pimento cheese
kicked up and classic
served with
celery sticks
cucumber wedges
olive oil infused crostini

vidalia onion dip
sweet  vidalia onion dice
swiss cheese
melted and warmed
classic triscuits

indoor picnic buffet

smoked brisket sandwiches
soft egg buns with sesame seeds
smoked bbq brisket

fried chicken drumettes
crunchy and moist

seven bean bake
from baked to pinto
tomato onion sauce
a cut above baked beans

two tone potato salad
cubed sweet potatoes
cubed white potatoes
hard egg grated
celery dice
scallion dice
red onion dice
green olives
black olives
dijon hellman’s splash

broccoli cheddar salad
mini steam broccoli florets
mini cubed cheddar dice
vdalia onion dice
grape tomato halved
creamy vinaigrette

anti oxidant salad
organic spinach
carrot slivers
red onion slivers
walnuts toasted
pomegranate seeds
sunflower seeds
cranberries dried
goat cheese crumble
light balsamic vinaigrette


watermelon bowl
watermelon halved and scooped
filled with raspberry sherbet
dotted with  “seeds” of mini chocolate chips
scooped into bowls
chocolate hot fudge sauce

chocolate brownies
sugar cookies