Farmer’s Table Buffet

Enjoy all of these or you choose!
Bruschetta with smoked Trout and Horseradish Cream Olive oil infused Crostini topped with freshly
smoked Trout, Chives and Parmesan cheese
served with a dollop of Horseradish Cream

Deviled Eggs studded with Smoked salmon and herbs
Classic farm raised deviled Eggs
with a smack of fresh Chive dice and Dill
built with snips of smoked Salmon
served chilled

Apple Havarti Cheese Filo
Filo dough layered with
Farm picked Apples, Havarti cheese and Caraway
seeds baked to golden
in bite size triangles

Steelhead Farm raised Trout Lettuce Wraps
Bite size pieces of fresh roasted Trout
Placed in a mini Lettuce cup
With a quick dollop of herbs and light Cream

Salmon Burger Minis with Ginger Aioli sauce
Fresh Salmon is marinated in Honey soy
And spiced with Onion and Mint
Pan seared and topped with
Aioli dipping sauce

Wild Salmon Tartare on Crispy Chips
Minced smoked wild Salmon
coupled with diced red Onion and Chives
with a sprinkle of Lemon juice and pepper
sitting atop Waffle chips with a dollop of Sour Cream

Spinach wrapped Tortilla Rolls
Spinach Tortillas wrapped around a blend of
Flavored short grain Rice, smoked Salmon and Avocado
Studded with toasted Sesame Seeds
Accompanying Ginger Soy dipping Sauce

Tuna Sliders with Maui Salsa
freshly ground Tuna combined with ginger,
Sesame Oil and Garlic
Served Ceviche style upon Sesame crisps

Butter nut Squash and Three Color Tortellini
Cubed roasted Butternut Squash flecked with
Herbs de Provence, Garlic and Parmesan

Cold Vegetable Platter
Roasted Fingerling Potatoes
With Kosher salt and cracked Pepper,
Thyme infused roasted red Peppers,
Roasted Asparagus Spears, roasted red Beets and
Lemon Goat cheese wedges
Served with Green Goddess drizzle

Brie Cheese Wheel with Almonds,
Cherries and Rosemary slightly warmed Brie with
sides studded in toasted almonds and chopped Rosemary
topped with fresh, seasonal chopped Cherries

Eggplant Crostini
on a rustic grilled Olive oil infused Crostini
sits roasted Eggplant
with a colorful Tomato dice and fresh herbs

Goat Cheese Tartlets with Lemon Fig Topping
Crunchy Filo tartlets filled with a savory
combination of Goat Cheese and
topped with Lemon Fig Compote

Gorgonzola Wafers with Sun dried Tomato
a crispy house made wafer studded with
Gorgonzola and toasted Pine Nuts
with a soft dollop of Sun dried Tomato,
Garlic and herbed cheese

Grits Rounds with kicked up Pimento Cheese
Stoneground grits prepared and
cut into mini rounds, baked to golden
topped with extra sharp kicked up Pimento cheese

Maytag Blue Potato Chips
Hand cut Potatoes Crunchy and thin
Served with drizzle of Maytag Blue drizzle
savory and warm

Mexican Bread Bowl
filled with savory and spicy
home grown Black Eyed Peas
Scallions, Cumin and Pimentos
served with Scoopable organic Tortillas

Mushroom Toasted Bites
Light strips of toasted, buttery earth warm
Mushrooms combined with Parmesan and French onion
crumbles baked on a light rye triangle

Samosas with Potato, Peas and Ginger
Sweet and spicy filling wrapped in Wontons
crispy fried with Chutney spiced dipping sauce

Spinach and Fontina Crostini
Rustic Ciabatta smeared with fresh Garlic
with a topping of warm baby Spinach leaves
and Fontina shred
lightly toasted and served golden brown

Sweet Potato Wonton Cups
Mini Wonton shells baked into fanciful cuplettes
filled with a creamy mix of
Diced organic Sweet Potato, Greek yogurt
and Chive custard

Tomato and Herb mini Tarts
Fresh Tomatoes and Mozzarella
Artfully arranged in golden crusts
Topped with a spray of fresh Basil

Wild Mushroom Quichelets
Mini Double Zero flour tarts
filled with Nutmeg, Mushrooms and organic
Cream baked to golden brown, served warm

Zucchini style “Crab” Cakes
All the classics of Crab Cakes
but with an organic vegetarian twist,
served with fresh Tartar Sauce

Seasonal Dessert Display

Coffee Bar

Pumpkin Bars
Cranberry Tarts
Mini Apple Pies