Easy Appetizer Buffet

Hors d’oeuvres Buffet

Salmon with French onion crumbles
honey mustard glaze

Beef tenderloin Bruschetta
crunchy olive oil infused bruschetta croutons
rare thin sliced beef
horseradish cream
pine nuts toasted

Mini Shrimp cakes
flash fried
Asian glaze

Ahi tuna ceviche
fresh Ahi tuna
sesame oil
served atop a crunchy wonton

Asian summer rolls
rice paper wrapper
crunchy vegetables
fresh basil
sweet chili dipping sauce

Mini wild Mushroom Pizzettes
wild mushroom and leek sauté
gorgonzola crumble
scallion topper
atop a crunchy nan crust

Roasted eggplant tomato smoky cheese tartelette
mini golden crusts
roasted eggplant and red onion
creamy custard
smoky cheese
fresh herbs

Artichoke scallion dip
warm and bubbly
classic Triscuits

Brie cheese wheels
Cranberry Cilantro chutney
classic crackers
ginger snaps