Drop by Casual Holiday Get Together

Hors d’oeuvre Buffet

Ribbon Wrapped Meatballs
Savory seasoned meatballs served skewer
style bathed in a fruit chutney glaze wrapped in
shaved carrot curls and garnished with a colorful pepper dice

Sesame Almond Chicken Fillets
Baked in a crunchy crumb coating with almonds, sesame
seeds and chives served with a side of jezebel dipping sauce

Coconut Shrimp
Crispy and zesty battered shrimp prepared golden brown,
served with a sweet honey-curry dipping sauce

Cheese and Fruit Extravaganza
A bountiful platter of swiss wedges, cheddar
and colby cubes, brie topped with dried
apricots and dates,
Herbed Cheese and Walnut Ball
Accompanying strawberries and grape bunches
with classic crackers and ginger snaps

Spinach and Smoky Cheese Tartlets
Mini pastry shells filled with seasoned spinach,
cream and nutmeg surrounded by smoky swiss
and baked to golden brown

Wild Mushroom and Gorgonzola Pizza Bites
Thin crust, crunchy pizza topped with sautéed
wild mushrooms sprinkled with gorgonzola
crumbs and herbs

Sausage Bundles
Layers of puff pastry filled with spicy sausage
molded and folded into bundles baked to golden
and served with chutney dipping sauce