Dairy Parve Supper

hors d’oeuvres

vegetarian lentil chopped liver

mini panko crusted caramelized onion and potato cakes

smoked salmon bruschetta
with basil cream

mini spinach leek and gorgonzola pizzettes

artichoke canapes on soft toasted pillows


fresh challah rolls with basil infused butter

roasted salmon sides
peach salsa
dill sauce
honey dijon sauce

lime cilantro herbed basmati rice
toasted pine nuts

vidalia onion pie
smashed cracker crust caramelized onions and cheddar topper

mini vegetable medley
seasonal mini vegetables
prepared with cracked pepper and kosher salt
asparagus cauliflower broccoli eggplant mushrooms carrots tomatoes red onion

arugula baby kale and mixed greens salad
lemon shallot vinaigrette