Corporate Breakfast Buffet

Honey Biscuits

Mini Chocolate Chip Muffins

Jamaican Banana Bread

Caramel French Toast
Layers of fresh Challah soaked in Egg and Milk
Baked into a brown sugar caramel glaze

Bacon Sausage, Onion and Pepper Jack Souffle
Crunchy bacon crumbles combined with
peppers and onions surrounding french bread croutons
sprinkled with monterey and pepper jack cheeses

Potato, Cheddar and scallion bake
studded with bacon and sausage
baked to creamy and topped with cheddar rings

Sausage Puff Pastry Wrappers
With a jalapeno pepper dipping sauce

Spinach Domes
Herbed crunchy croutons, parmesan and fresh
spinach mounded and baked until golden
accompanied by sweet mustard dipping sauce

Bacon and Olive Cheese Toasts
Crispy bacon combined with swiss cheese,
olives chives and spices
served atop a toasted crostini

Fresh Fruit in Season

Decaff Coffee
Hazelnut Decaff Coffee
Orange Juice